You haven't been this close to bees before!
We believe that building a relationship with pollinating insects is extremely important! After all, we owe them ⅓ of our food!
The world of pollinating insects opens up a wealth of colors, smells and sounds. Thanks to Apikrain, you will learn about the diversity and uniqueness of insects and plants, and you will have a safe look at bees up close!
We will tour the garden, conduct experiments, taste bee products and work in the honey house.
What happens at our workshops?
You will perform experiments on your own, thanks to which you will distinguish pollen from feather, wax from propolis, or honeydew from nectar
learn the difference between honey and glucose syrup
you will taste different kinds of honey and learn about its properties
you will find the mother bee on the comb on your own
you will calm down in the apidome
you will look into the exhibition and inhalation hive
you will get acquainted with the honey-giving and nectar-giving plants growing in our garden
Children will be provided with beekeeping outfits, gloves and hats for the apiary tour, which not only ensure safety, but also look great in the photos!
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