About us

We created Apikraina because we want to give others what we think is most important when it comes to family vacations - great memories and good relationships. We ourselves are parents of three children of different ages and have been traveling together for a long time. As a result, we have gained experience on how to make the stay easier and more enjoyable for the families who visit us.
We believe that the most important thing in life is partnership and support, as well as a sense of security. Since we have been working together in unison for years in our agritourism, garden and apiary, we know how to provide you with the most important things you need for a vacation: beautiful surroundings, peace, good energy and contact with nature.
Our agritourism is located in a beautiful location. Alexander von Humboldt, German naturalist and traveler, one of the founders of modern geography, counted the view from Kapella Hill among the most beautiful landscapes in the world. We want to share this outstanding view with you!