Mountain honey

Apikraina is the only mountain apiary in the area. 
The place where we are located is over 600 meters above sea level! Our bees work in ecological meadows and wild forests, providing true mountain honey. In return, they enjoy the best location in the area - the "windows" of the bee property overlook the best panoramas in the Kaczawskie Mountains.
Types of honey (table with prices)
Composition and physicochemical properties of honey are determined for each batch laboratory, which allows to determine the type of honey.

First honey harvest - June 2023

We offer our mountain honeys in jars weighing:  1000 gr, 450 gr, 150 gr.

Composition of nectar honey: apple tree, maple, willow, rapeseed, plum, dandelion.

Types of honey
Depending on the weather and the available honeybees in the season, we usually obtain 4 types of honey.
In 2022, these were: multifloral honey, sapodium honey, honeydew-nectar honey and goldenrod honey.
In previous years, our bees brought buckwheat, white clover or dandelion to the hive. Each season is different and gives us a lot of variety. Each batch of honey is tested in the laboratory for pollen content and other components. Thanks to this, we are sure that the name of the honey corresponds to its composition.


A few facts about mountain honey:

Mountain honey comes from mountainous areas where beehives are found near wild, unpolluted plants. Bees collect nectar from a variety of flowers that grow in a clean environment away from pollution. This origin makes mountain honey unique and devoid of harmful substances that may be present in honeys produced in more urbanized places.

Rich in nutrients: Mountain honey is a natural source of many beneficial nutrients. Contains vitamins, minerals, enzymes, amino acids and antioxidants. These ingredients have a positive effect on our health, strengthen the immune system, support digestive processes and have anti-inflammatory properties.

Better bioavailability: Mountain honey has better nutrient bioavailability compared to other types of honey. This means that the body absorbs and uses the nutrients it contains more easily, which translates into greater health benefits.

Antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties: Mountain honey contains natural compounds such as flavonoids and antioxidants that exhibit antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Consuming mountain honey can help fight infections, support the treatment of respiratory diseases and even relieve allergy symptoms.



Where to buy?

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59-550 Podgórki
phone: +48 664 979 656   
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Shipping of honeys possible. Maximum package weight up to 10 kg. The cost of 26 zł.
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