Apitherapy means staying in a specially prepared house together with bees enclosed in double-mesh hives. The house is constructed so that the bees do not have direct contact with humans.
What are the health benefits of apitherapy?
Bacteria-free air.
The high temperature (25 - 38 degrees) found in the hive and the high humidity create a microclimate that does not allow microorganisms, bacteria, viruses or pathogenic fungi to thrive.
Deep relaxation.
Such a session makes our body calm down, relaxes and immunizes. Through the appropriate protected openings, air comes out of the hives. The vibrations created in the hive also benefit the overall state of the body.
Health benefits.
The smell of fresh honey, propolis, wax, bee pollen has beneficial effects on the nervous, respiratory, cardiovascular systems and improves the quality of sleep.
Flavonoids in the hive neutralize free radicals responsible for the aging process. 
constant fatigue, insomnia
diseases of the nervous system (paresis of the nerves, multiple sclerosis)
heart diseases (apitherapy regulates blood pressure)
diseases of the urinary system (nephritis, prostatitis)
rheumatic diseases
migraine conditions and chronic headaches
bronchial asthma
sinusitis (oral cavity, throat, tonsils, chronic rhinitis)
There are no known contraindications to the use of apitherapy. 
Although apidomec is safe, people who are allergic to bee venom should avoid areas where stings can occur despite best efforts - flowering gardens, orchards and apiaries.
Practical information:
Apitherapy can be enjoyed in july and august.
You can sit or lie down comfortably during a session.
Sessions should last from 30 minutes to an hour.
Even 20 minutes in the apidom has a beneficial effect on our health, both physical and mental. 
The length of the séance depends only on the person using apidomics. 
Apidoms are devoid of access to electricity for reasons of bee and occupant health. It is also inadvisable to bring electronic devices.
Note: The cottages are secured in such a way that the bees do not sting those using the inhalation. Despite the best efforts, there may be bees or other insects that can sting people anywhere nearby, in a meadow or forest.