Apikraina is located at Kapella Pass in the Kaczawskie Mountains, so it is an excellent point from which you can explore the Kaczawskie Mountains and Foothills, known as the Land of Extinct Volcanoes, as well as the Jeleniogórska Basin, the Janowickie Ore Mountains, the Jizera Mountains and the Karkonosze Mountains. Travel time to most of the tourist attractions located in the region is 20 to 40 minutes.

In the Land of Extinct Volcanoes you'll find hills that were still smoking and bubbling with lava a few million years ago, medieval castles, and numerous artists and artisans who invite you to workshops. Be sure to visit the region with an Explorer's Passport (you can get one from us), for which you will collect your memories of trips and places visited in the form of stamps and stickers.
The Giant Mountains are well known to lovers of high-mountain hiking and skiing. There are ski lifts in Karpacz and Szklarska Poreba, which are also open in the summer for walkers to use.

Sudetic Educational Center in Dobków is an educational center dedicated to earth sciences and our region

The hills surrounding Dobków are the remains of former volcanoes and the best place to learn how the forces of the Earth's interior shaped the region of the Kaczawskie Mountains and Foothills.

It is one of the most interesting regions in Poland in terms of geotourism. The traces of three periods of volcanic activity, sea floods, deserts and glaciations visible in the field perfectly tell the history of the Earth.

We infect the youngest and the slightly older with passion for earth sciences. In Geopark Land of Extinct Volcanoes, because is there a better place in Poland to learn about the volcanic past of the Earth?


Ski slopes and sledge hills

The location at an altitude of 615 meters above sea level captivates with huge snowdrifts in winter, sometimes it surprises with a blizzard, and at other times it is a reason for great joy. When the winter sun and sub-zero temperatures allow you to go sledding or skiing, in Apicraina there is a specially prepared hill for the youngest. You can choose from sleds and slides, which can be rented free of charge at any time.

Downhill skis

Czarnów Ski station - 37 km from Apikraina

Winterpol Karpacz  - 30 km from Apikraina

Kopa Karpacz - 33 km from Apikraina

Ski Szklarska Poręba - 32 km from Apicraina

Ski Sun Świeradów - 45 km from Apicraina


Downhill skiing in the Czech Republic

Mala Upa - 40 km from Apicraina

Harrachov - 44 km from Apicraina


Cross-country skiing

Jakuszyce - 38 km from Apikraina



Ski kindergarten, individual lessons on skiing and snowboarding
Ski and snowboard school PADAŚNIEG in Szklarska Poręba

Ski and snowboard instructors teach and improve the skills of skiers and snowboarders on 12 km of slopes at the Ski Arena Szrenica. In the ski kindergarten, children participate in activities on three levels: First Steps, Little Skiers and I'm on my way.