During vacations and long weekends, we run regular workshops to which we invite families with children of all ages.
What will we do at the workshop?
you will visit the apiary, where mountain honey is made 
you will look into the beehive!
you will learn about the daily life of bee families ... and beekeepers
you will take part in basic beekeeping work, such as beating frames or centrifuging honey in the honeyhouse (you will take your frame with you!)
you will try different kinds of honey
You will try beehive therapy - for each family a session in the apidarium
In the Land of Extinct Volcanoes, each child will receive a free Explorer's Passport, for which they will collect stamps for participating in workshops, staying overnight in guesthouses and eating in restaurants. In addition, he will receive stickers for hiking to ancient volcanoes or visiting historical monuments. As a reward, you will receive medals and diplomas! 
Take part in our workshops and get a bee stamp!
See upcoming workshop dates.