Bees invite you to the living rooms!
On almost an acre of fenced land around the House and Apiary, we have created a Bee Experience Garden. Here you can take a peek into the hive, participate in the work in the honey house, and even relax in the apidome, where the buzzing of 200,000 pairs of wings will put you in a state of deep relaxation. Read more about our mountain apiary here.
In the Garden you will find: 
an exhibition hive, where you can see the mesmerizing bustle of bees behind a safe glass window
an inhalation hive, into which you can literally put your head, smell and hear the sound of a working bee colony
apidomes - special places for "ulotherapy", where you can relax, calm down and enjoy the health benefits of being together with the bees. No worries, however! They will be separated from you by a safety net.
In the garden we conduct workshops for organized groups (school, kindergarten, adult groups) and for families with children. 
You can also organize birthday parties with us, during which we conduct workshops for guests.
We are certified by the National Network of Educational Homesteads.
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